Infina Towers Distance from Fault Line

The Questions

This article answers these inquiries made by clients about Infina Towers of DMCI Homes:

  • How far is Infina Towers from Falt line?
  • Is Infina Towers near Marikina Fault?
  • How far is Infina Towers from West Valley Fault?

Resources Explained

The above image shows the distance of Infina Towers from the nearest Fault Line. I just cropped the map from PHilVocs website ( then overlayed the Site Development Plan of Infiina Towers from Joy In DMCI website ( to its location on the map. The distance was then measured separately using available tools in Google Maps. Finally, using Inkscape (, I assembled all the images collected and arranged them in a simple presentation.

Note that the distance is just an estimate based on available resources. I disclosed all the steps made to encourage readers to verify the above information for their accuracy.